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Dear Client:

Please refer to our client questionnaire and on our website ( This asks about pertinent tax items necessary for preparing the most accurate tax return possible. Please answer all applicable questions and attach a statement when necessary for additional information. DUE TO COVID WE WILL NOT BE HOLDING IN PERSON TAX MEETINGS AT OUR OFFICE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SET UP A PHONE MEETING OR VIDEO MEETING PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE AT 603-926-8063

We will also need the following information:

  • Forms W-2 for wages, salaries and tips
  • All Forms 1099 for interest, dividends, retirement, miscellaneous income, Social Security, state or local refunds, gambling winnings, etc.
  • Brokerage statements showing investment transactions for stocks, bonds, etc. including cost basis and purchase date of any stocks, bonds, etc. sold in 2021
  • Schedule K-1 from partnerships, S corporations, estates and trusts not prepared by our office
  • Statements supporting deductions for mortgage interest, taxes, and charitable contributions
  • Copies of closing statements regarding the sale or purchase of real property
  • Legal papers for adoption, divorce, or separation involving custody of your dependent children
  • Any tax notices sent to you by the IRS or other taxing authority
  • A copy of your income tax return from last year, if not prepared by this office or previously provided
  • If you had medical expenses, please summarize a total of the expenses. Please do not send any back up documentation.
  • If you had Marketplace Insurance, we MUST have a copy of Form 1095A.
  • A copy of Form 1095B or 1095C, if received.
  • Any information pertaining to foreign financial accounts, foreign financial assets, or foreign interest.
  • Letter or statement from the IRS with amounts and dates of stimulus payments received (if any).
  • Letter or statement from the IRS with amounts and dates of child tax credits received (if any).
  • Letter or statement from the IRS with amounts and dates of PPP, state or federal grants received (if any).
  • Amounts and/or receipts for any cash contributions, even if you do not intend to itemize.

Please send all information on or before March 21, 2022 to ensure completion of your tax return by April 15, 2022. After March 21, 2022 an extension may need to be filed. If you do not bring in your information prior to March 21, 2022 and you believe you owe money, please let us know so we can provide you with an extension payment voucher to send with payment to the IRS.

If you prefer to upload your information electronically you can do so through our secure portal: If you are missing information to complete your tax return, please wait to send in the information until you have all required documents.


  • Most tax returns are prepared by my staff, Heather Walker, Ann Cyr, Lori Kalinowski, Carolyn Turbide, or a seasonal tax preparer.
  • If questions arise concerning the information supplied to prepare your tax return, most likely one of my staff mentioned above will contact you.
  • Once they have completed the initial preparation of the tax return, it is passed on to me or my senior associate, Heather Walker, for clerical and technical review. We review and check every tax return that is prepared for my clients before it is released.
  • To be fair, tax returns are prepared and technically reviewed based on the order in which they are received, unless someone has a special circumstance or request such as financial aid or bank financing.
  • Please do not contact us regarding the status of your tax return. This only slows down the process and does not increase the expected delivery date.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.


I have read and agree to the terms outlined in this introduction and client engagement letter.

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